Precalculus 11 week 14

This week we learned how to Multiply and divide rational expressions.

First factor the top and bottom of each fraction. then look and see if there are adding or subtracting between the expressions because they hold each expression together so that they can’t cancel out. Now, find the numbers that your variable can’t equal these are your non-permissible values. Then cancel out your pairs of expressions. You now have a finished answer.


Precalculus 11 week 15

This week the thing that I learned about that stood out the most to me was the steps of solving a word problem.

first you read and read again but the second time underline the words or numbers that indicate values that would next go into your equation(these values could be anything eg. 12 milk cartons). Then create your equation and solve, once you have your numerical answer put that into an sentence for your final answer.

when creating your equation look for more than and less than because those mean add or subtract. Also take a close look at the final sentence because that usually describes your variable.

Precalculus 11 week 13

Graphing absolute value quadratics. When graphing an absolute value quadratic’s you basically reflect whatever is below the x axis.


Original Y = -x^2+5 is red

Absolute Y = l-x^2+5l is blue

If the whole parabola is below the x axis this is what it looks like.

Original Y = -x^2-3 is green

absolute Y = l-x^2-3lis blue