Principles Of Learning

I think the principals of learning effect us every day and especially in some of our science projects, like the SSEP project where we made experiments that had a chance at going into space. They were also important in out engineering brightest project where we made lights and talked to people in the Dominican Republic over Skype. These are the principals of learning.


Recognizing the consequences of one’s actions : This was very important because for good or bad there is consequences to all of our actions. like in the SSEP project we had the chance to send something out side of out atmosphere and maybe help someone with the results we got.


Connectedness : Connectedness was extremely I’m portent in our Engineering Brightness project. We had to skip chat with the Dominican Republic and another grade 11 class that had worked on this project before use and they gave us good suggestions. they suggested that we not try the hand crank but to stick with what we know solar energy.


Patience and time : we had to use patients and time when we were printing our light it took 5 hours each time. the firs time w printed it id was too small so it was a wist of plastic and time but fail often succeed faster. that is a saying that a very smart person told me.


The well-being of the self, the family, the community, the land, the spirits, and the ancestors: we might not have benefited off of our land or family but we may have helped other families in the Dominican Republic with our light designs and fund raising.

In condition the first peoples principals are very useful and apply to almost everything. day to day I don’t really notice these things but now that I have sat down and wrote this post I fell like I need to thank the first peoples principals for every thing that it has done.



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