Artifacts of learning Engineering Brightness

During the engineering brightness project I worked together with Liam to create a 3D model of a light for people in light poverty. Before this project I did not know about the word light poverty but now I have learnt so much thank to Mr. Robinson. We had to then print the prototype which is easier said than done. we had to measure all of the dimensions perfectly and we had multiple failed prints, one time the print was too small and another time it fell over while it was printing. we had lots of trial and error but we came through and finished the complete light. all we need to finish is the circuit board and battery. this is a picture of one of the failed prints.

2 thoughts on “Artifacts of learning Engineering Brightness

  1. I appreciate how you have shared both successes and failures in your post. You have done a great job both learning about light poverty and addressing it by making a light. Keep innovating!

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