CBL engineering brightness proposal

The pictures below are some pictures of our second Skype chat. In the pictures we are talking to another school and they’re showing off their designs that they have done in the past the designs are for a head mounted light.img_2559 img_2560

During both calls we talked about similar things. When we were talking to the Dominican Republic we were more concerned on talking about there conditions and needs. We also discussed when and how much electricity they had. With that information we made questions to ask the group that had already worked on a similar project. we asked them what worked  (hand crank) and they said that they tried it and most of them broke. We also asked about fundraising. it interested me that we were helping people that don’t have as much electricity as we do, but we also get to learn new things. I really liked the experience of being able to talk to the groups in different countries over Skype.


Some of our ideas were shot down like the hand cranknowledge but we are also thinking of using kinetic energy to powered the lights. another thing that I saw that I can improve  upon would be the size of the lightsignificance walls. I saw on the original light the walls were very thick so not as much like could get through but in my improved design I will make it so the walls are thinner than the original light. To Aid me in this process I am in the drafting InDesign 10 as one of my electives and mr. Chang has been helping us through the process.