SSEP Reflection


So the quest that we sought out to solve was “do chemical reactions happen the same way in micro-gravity as theyou do on earth.”


To find our experiment we researched for almost a week. we found allot of not so great experiments and some great ones.


Maybe if our experiment were chosen and there was a Difrence in our results we could have done more experiments with similar chemicals to maybe even create medicine or other useful objects.

Disign & Deliver

Our SSEP story started when Mr.  Robinson told us to write on a sheet of paper what type of experiment you would like to do and how motaved you were. I thought that was a great system. After that we joined together and   Immediately started working  on ideas. We had lots of fun working on the project I will always remember it.

Working on SSEP

Working on SSEP


Over all I think that we did a good job; but we could have improved our proposal and our use of school time.