Science app review

The app that I am going to review is YouTube but more specifically the science channels like cody’s lab, ASAP SCIENCE, MinutePhysics, SmarterEveryday and a lot more science channels.

Question: how many devices are it on.

Answer: it’s on every device with internet connection and a search engine. Or you can download the app on almost everything.

Question: does it cost money.

Answer: no it is free, but you can choose to buy YouTube red which has some extra features like you can listen while your phone is in sleep mode.

Question: can the app help you learn in different ways.

Answer: yes all sorta of people have rad Chanel’s for all sorts of things.

img_1349 img_1350 img_1351

One thought on “Science app review

  1. Thanks for your review. You have given me a good picture of the YouTube channels but I wish that I could see more of the Solution Fluency process in your review. Focusing on one channel and sharing a lot of detail might help create a clearer picture as well. Good work.

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