Community Connections Project 2020

Topic question: In times of conflict how might we make a positive impact in our community?

This has been an interesting project for me to do, as I wanted to take this opportunity to raise awareness against Covid-19, the pandemic that is plaguing around the world. As we all know of now, nobody’s going back to school and everybody’s being forced to stayed at their homes whether possible. This is where an example of conflict – persons versus the environment – would show up and I thought this will be a learning chance for me to understand “conflict” better. This project is separated into two phases.

Phase one:

The first phase of this project is to introduce everybody a survey that I’ve made, to ask about everybody’s well beings during this stressing situation, and this is the information that I’ve gathered below in relation to the questions that I’ve made in the survey:

Question 1 Graph data

Something that is interesting of note is that over half (52%) of the respondents are not feeling worried about the current pandemic – positiveness is a good sign!

Question 2 Graph data

Looks like most of the respondents (59%) understand that the measures are made to keep us safe.

Question 3 Graph data

Around 60% of the respondents manage to keep themselves sane during the time that they’ve been staying at home for the most of the time.

Phase two:

This phase is where I’ll present all of my findings – the solutions – in a photo journal. I personally find this to be better than just typing into the blank space that is infront of me, because at the artistic level, pictures to me have the life in it, therefore I choose to present my solution in the way.

Stay active and healthy – this is a chance where people can get lazy!

Use the free time that was given to you to its “full potential”.

Take every problem one at a time – do not rush things as it will make it harder for you.

If one is feeling down, they should find someone to talk to.

Conclusion & The message:

During the making of the survey and the photo journal, one particular thought had came to my mind: Stay positive! Being positive is one of the key concepts to the solution, by doing so you can make contributions to the society by influencing them to stay positive with you. Staying safe and positive will definitely get the current problem solved.

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