Chances that hide themselves

Chances that hide themselves

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When I first came across the page, I thought the title, “The Place to Disappear,” was more sided to escapist-styled articles, but after I finished reading, it talks about a less well-known place in Bangkok, Thailand, where travelers gather, to rest and only to leave on their journey the next day. One interesting thing is: I’ve never heard of this place, although I’ve been to Bangkok for a few times, so this will be a new window to revisit Bangkok.


The writer does an excellent job of describing the people and the surroundings, like how foreigners affect the views of a local family who owns an internet cafe and the traveling businesses of the street (to anywhere one can think of). Besides that, the writer also uses rich vocabulary (de-facto, palpably, karma, etc.). In this article, the writer, during some time in stay have met a lot of travelers with different backgrounds and destinations. The writer had expressed that Kao Shan Road “was the jumping-off point for all of them, a sort of non-place they went to in order to leave from, so they could get to the place they really wanted to go,” and this absolutely relates to me, and how humans give themselves goals to achieve and to be proud of. In order to complete something, one can’t only take a sudden rise to their own “heavens,” instead, goals can only be obtained with time, dedication, and chances that we find on our own but not by waiting for it to come.

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