Week #1 – PreCal11

Arithmetic Series Arithmetic series are very similar to arithmetic sequences. Instead of adding a certain number every time you are actually trying to find the sum of all of the numbers in the series. Young, Carl Friedrich Gauss found a way to easily add and calculate the sum of a 1 to 100 series without […]

Spoken Word

Two things I feel I did well was speaking my mind and making my rant relatable.  I wanted to right about something that truly frustrated me and something others may feel the same about. Two thing I feel I could have done better is I could have memorized my rant more and add more humor. […]

My Five Drive

I honestly feel like I could have done much better than what I did but I did enjoy some things. I enjoyed how I told my story, I thought I told the story pretty accurately. I feel as though I was able to tell it accurately because it was a pretty important chapter of my […]