My Five Drive

I honestly feel like I could have done much better than what I did but I did enjoy some things. I enjoyed how I told my story, I thought I told the story pretty accurately. I feel as though I was able to tell it accurately because it was a pretty important chapter of my life. I also enjoyed how I used dialogue, I honestly could have told the whole story just using dialogue but that would have been annoying.

There is more than two things I did wrong with this essay but the main two are just mistakes. I was going to write narrative essay on when my cat died but I thought that would have been a touchy subject because I was too young to truly understand what was happening at that time. I changed my subject the night before it was due, which was a bad decision but also the right one. Because I started and finish the essay the night before I didn’t have a lot of time to look over my work so I made many stupid mistakes. So next time I will choose the right topic from the start and make sure I have time to look over my work.

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