Song Analysis ////Lyrics/////

PS: Ms. Nelson Plz listen to the WHOLE SONG / video, don’t just quit at the beginning, It gets really good, and choreography is really good especially near the end. (You may not like the rap, but their is singing too!) You don’t have too but I just want you to see the video??? (I don’t mean to be so blunt though.) “Sincerely Kaiden.” 🙂

PSPS: If you like Kpop 🙂 look at BTS there a group that was on the billboard awards and beat Justin Bieber on most Social group! They are the first Kpop group to be that big to be on their. You might want to check them out! PSPSPS: They did not make the song Hellavator! They di however make DNA, Blood sweat and tears, Go Go.


The Subject of the poem: A Hellavator, and how their lives are unfortunate, they want to go back, their lives are like a maze! “Im on a Hellavator!”

Who is speaking: Chan, Changbin, Felix, Hyunjin, Jeongin, jisung, Minho, Seungmin, Woojin/ The Stray Kids!!

Who are they speaking too: They are speaking to “us,” the listeners.

Setting of the song: its between earth and hell, or a Hellavator.

Note the word choice of the poet’s: “They have been ignoring rings.” I’m not sure what they mean by that, even the sentence before that, it all just doesn’t make sense there. I can understand though that there trying to explain there life is not the best it’s like a Hellavator.

Are the words concrete, or abstract: The words are concrete and you understand what the message they want to send like Hellavator, or I frantically try to run away. But the words I think are also abstract if you look at it like Hellavator, (doesn’t exist!) I frantically try to run away, from what, it doesn’t say in the song but just hints at saying something to do with them self and or the world.

How does the diction contribute or pull away from the poem: The song is made by a rap group and the song has rap and singing. The song is also sung in Korean / English. I feel that having it rap / singing is very good and gives the song veriety, I also believe having deep poetry is good being sung in rap and changes it up a bit. “I believe it adds flare to the song!” I also think that it pulls away from the song, because it attracts a different audience, “not all people like rap!” So even though it might make the song good and people might like it, their also attracting most likely a younger audience!

What is the tone of the poem: I would say the poem is Ambiguous, and Comtemplative because the song talks about a Hellavator, and you see them in one so when they are saying Hellavator, they are talking literally about a Hellavator, but also about their life is a Hellavator! Comtemplative, the song is serous in a way when they said things like, “my life’s a rock bottomless cliff, there’s nothing or me!” It’s all serious and is real serious problem’s that some people go through.

Words that set the tone in the song are: “Hellavator, dark tunnel, save myself!” The Tone also does not change throughout the poem.

The Rhythmical Devices: has 5-16, and the poem is a internal Rhyme. “Also a closed poem.”

Note for literary devices: Covering the sky called hope, the poem uses simile like, “My school hallway is fading away
On this unfamiliar way,” also an example of assonance! The title Hellevator is very important to the song, because they built the song on the word Hellevator, and how their lives are on a Hellevator and how they deal with it.

The Values of the poem: Th experience and they way they present the song is very intense and I see that their goal is to send a message.



Songs to look for: Change up by Seventeen, Bts songs, Sf9 Sol o mio, (Spanish vibe,) Exo The Eve (Dance practice!)