My Digital FootPrint!

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Everyone has a print, some big some small, some here, some there. Everyone decides how there footprint will shape there future. Describe to people how and what there like. Its your chose in how it will turn out, so choose wisely, you might not be able to turn

Questions asked the the average person.

1: How might your digital foot affect your future opportunities

But before learning the dangers we must learn what a digital footprint is. A digital foot print is a record of everything you have done on the internet or anything online. Then gets stored in some time of database. No matter what you do. You can’t get to back. Now How might your digital footprint affect your life. Imagine Joe was trying to get a job fancy job as a lowyar, But your a person who likes to party. Then one day when you where partying, some person takes a pick of you at the party then posts it on Instagram. # Dude losses it. It has like 500 likes. Then the next morning at the day of the interview you walk in and the people who wanted to her you say no and walk you out of the building. You might ask yourself why? Well everyday more and more businesses are looking at employees social media and or digital footprint to see what they really are like outside the office. You might look hard working but then do drugs in the night. Its an easy way for companies to narrow down the employees, and the true hard working employees. So looks like Joe’s not getting this job. Not only jobs can be affected by your digital footprint but even your daily lives. Look at thawed your friends and family have treated you, and think to your self has in any way your digital footprint changed in anyway how people have looked at you? Then was it for the better or worse? Most would say better. But one man named Conner, lived in the USA Texas. Conner had a scholarship in Psychiatry, and was going to be a Psychiatrist. Then one day, he went to a party where there was a lot of drugs and alcohol. Plus the scenery wasn’t the best. Conner did say he didn’t have any but a couple of drinks. (I don’t think thats true.) Anyways the picture got out of him at the party, and the person owning the Psychiatry firm fired him on the spot. Funny how things out!


2: Describe how to make your digital footprint a better one to remember

Some can’t change there digital foot print, its just to late. But for this who’s just started, heres how you can make it for the better.

Step one: Think about what you post before hand about how this could affect the way you look at yourself and who you are.

Step two: Make sure you ask the other people that are in the photo if its ok.

Step three: And just be responsible with your digital footprint!


3. What information did you learn that you would pass on to other students? How would you go about telling them?

All I want to say is that your digital footprints, can be used and decried in different ways. Especially when your applying for a job. But the best and safest way to have a good Digital footprint is to post, good thoughtful things, and being able to look back at your work and show it to your kids without embarrassment. But thats just being safe about your own work. What about other people like your friends they also can be th-1affected by something you have posted about them being at parties all the time.So how would you protect yourself from that you might ask. Well you can’t actually, you just might be lucky to find that post and ask your friend to take it down. Theres not much else you can do. So next time you post something ask your self how can I be safe and responsible before posting on the internet. You might have just costed yourself and someone a great opportunity at a job. So next time you post on the internet, think to your self is this what i want to be known for, and is this how I’m going to be remebered.