Discussion #1

Present: Lauren, Justin, Ella, Mackenzie, Zeena   Not Present: Mikaelah   https://web.microsoftstream.com/video/f3b8aeb3-77bf-4be9-ad35-bfebfbdb3ce6  

Illustrator Logos

For logos, I decided to try making some complicated 3d structures. I made an icosahedron (first) and a dodecahedron (second). I wanted to make these shapes because I am interested

Poetry Project

How might we use poetry to uplift a community? Various medium was used from time to time to bring joy or solace to groups of people in the community. Most

Photoshop/Illustrator Assignment

To start things off, the first project I made is this horrendous image with eyes attached to series of circles. I made the geometric shapes like the circles and the

Automotive Vehicle Inspection

  This is an embedded Microsoft Office presentation, powered by Office. PDF version in case sharepoint doesn’t work  

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