Consumable Waste

• How much of these foods come in different types of packaging?
– 1 kind of packaging is using for pizza packaging.

• What kind of packaging materials are usually used (styrofoam, cardboard, plastic, bags, boxes, etc.)?
– Paper boxes are using for pizza packaging.

• Why do you think that all of these materials were chosen specifically for the products purchased?
– Pizza is usually comparatively more bigger than other foods. Because of that kind of reason, pizza packaging needs a material which it can be used for pizza packaging, and most importantly the cost for that material needs to be cheap too. Therefore, paper box is appropriate material to packaging pizza.

• How is packaging both positive and negative for the consumer (the person using it)?
– Packaging is very useful and without those packaging, we will not able to pack foods nicely. For this reason, we can know that packaging brings us positive effects on our life. However, packaging brings seriously negative effects on the environment.

• What happens to these packaging materials once we have eaten the food inside?
Once we have eaten the food inside, we often garbage those packaging materials because we think that those are not useful. We often recycle those materials or sometimes we keep those materials to use it later.

• Where is the packaging waste after one day? One year? One hundred years?
– It does not disappear.

• What happens to the food waste?
– Dump

• Provide 3-4 suggestions for ways that consumers can decrease the amount of waste we create.
– To decrease the amount of waste we create, we need to do our recycling clearly, cook appropriate and enough amount of food. First, we need to do our recycle appropriately because if we do not recycle clearly, it can cause serious negative effects on the environment. Second, people have a bad habit, which is, cooking their food more than they actually need. This is a really bad habit because that produces more food wastes.

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