Week 15

This week, we learned how to determine the solution by using Elimination.

Last week we learned how to use substitution to determine the solution, and that method was the fastest way to solve the problems.

Using substitution is not bad method, but elimination is also very good method to use too.

Substitution is a method which it determine the X or Y value and then put that on the other equation and solve the problems. Compare with that, Elimination is very similar to substitution, but it is different when we determine the value of X or Y at the beginning.

At the substitution, we moved the other terms to other side, so we can get the value of the variable what we want, so we can put it into the other equation.

At the elimination, we choose one variable what we want to put into other equation later, and make the both equation’s X or Y value equal and then subtract each other, and we determine the X or Y value.

Elimination is very good to use for the questions when we have two equations which it has very big number of variables.

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