my sssaaafffeeetttyyy ssstttooorrryyy – yur boi julian

One day, during Science class, I was attempting to make a paper mache volcano. But everything went horrible wrong, and I’ll tell you how… I put a way too big solution of baking soda and vinegar. So when it erupted, the whole class was covered head to toe with baking soda and vinegar. That was fine though, even as it was a big hassle for everyone to wipe the solution off of them. But, one student, Joel, got some of the solution in his eyes so he ran down to room 201 to use the eyewash station. And other kids used the shower to get the solution off of them and their clothes. The damage to his eyes was pretty bad, even though you had to use a microscope to see the damage. This proves to always use a measuring cup while mixing chemicals.

One time, when the teacher was in the room, some idiot thought it would be funny to dunk his hand in gasoline, light it on fire and proceed to quickly dip it in water. He totally ignored the WHMIS flammable gas label. So when he lit his hand on fire he went to dunk it in the water but the water spilled. He tried to shake the gas off, but only spilled more gas on himself. So he ran to room 201 and saved himself with the emergency shower. What a ignorant person right?

I recall a student trying to make a foam explosion using a test tube, so he she grabbed one, and someone said, “Hey aren’t you going to wash that?” She gave the kid a nasty look and continued to go through with her experiment. It turns out some of the left-overs of the chemicals from the last time the tube was used was still in there. So when she went to do her experiment, the chemicals reacted poorly together and the tube exploded, getting glass all over her, and in her eyes. She quickly ran to room 201 and used the emergency eye wash station for 15 minutes. What an idiot, she didn’t even wear safety goggles.

Once a student was so moving a hot rod into a tank of water, when he thought he could just quickly toss it into the water without using tongs. He was severely mistaken, when he picked up the rod it was so hot, he went into shock and couldn’t even drop it. He suffered 3rd degree burns. Always use tongs while picking up hot objects.



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  1. Thanks for your fictional safety story. You communicated your understanding of safety issues in the Science class and included a few pieces of scientific equipment. Don’t forget to include a map of the safety features of the classroom and a Science ethical dilemma. Please look through your post and take out language that isn’t appropriate for school.

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