Firstly, I just want to say sorry to every First Nations Canadian. When we came from they were treated badly. They were sent to residential schools, we took kids out of their families. After the residential schools, when we realized all the damage that we provoking, we wanted to help you. Since then we are trying to help you but, as we all know, it has nor been efficient. So for that is that I am here today. From now on we are going to make sure that you are treated fairly. We are going to make sure that we all can live together in peace and happiness.  For making this possible, we are going to bring more facilities to all the northern provinces. There are going to be more and safer schools, especially high schools so that nobody has to leave their families to have an education. There are also going to be more universities. There are going to be more hospitals with the right and necessary equipment, with experimented doctors. Adding to the northern communities, also in the south ones as in every place the racist comments will be seriously punished with a penalty fee of a minimum of 1,000$.

Masculinity and femine

This is when Simba, in Lion King roars at the end movie after beating Scar. The moment of the roaring is masculine as it is a symbol fo strength, leadership, and power. When I was a kid I really liked this movie because I found it pretty cool, but also because fo the masculine that is is. For me, the Lion  King was an example for me and I wanted to be like him.  I liked the leadership, the strength, the power…

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Inquiry Question: How did the prices between 1920 to 1945 changed in regard to the ones that we nowadays have?









These pictures were taken from a Canadian newspaper from 1945.  Regarding to my inquiry quietion, as we can see, the prices are a little lower from the ones that we nowadays have. We can observe that products like bleach before cost 49 cents and now, it  would cost aproximatly 5 dollars. We can also see that the price of mermelade, in 1945 was around 49 cents, but nowadays, it will cost also around 5 dollars. The same thing with the price of the coat or the “Quality Nylons” in the last image. I belive that to continue answearing this question, I should investigate more about that period by reading more newspapers of the time, reading books about what happened in Canada while therer was war or ask other people that lived during 1920 and 1945.


Letter From the Front


Dear wife and daughter,

I’m very happy to know that you both are okay. I also miss you a lot. Here things aren’t great. Life conditions are awful. We work a lot. We spend most of the time building trenches on the battlefield. In the trenches, there are a lot of rats and sometimes a bunch of water that covers us until the knees. We sleep in the trenches. We must find a place to spend the night. Including me, most of the soldiers can’t sleep well because of the cold, the mice that enter our clothes and sometimes of hunger. We live like animals! These trenches that I’ve been talking about are like underground corridors which aim is to defend.



The war is traumatizing. You see so many deaths and loss of your mates that make it very difficult to continue fighting. But I guess it is part of the war.

As you read the newspaper, you might have heard about the battle of Ypres. Ypres is a town in the south of Belgium. In this battle, we, the British and the rest of the Allied forces pushed the Germans line in a concave bend. But they held the higher ground and were able to fire into our trenches. While the enemy was shooting to us, the wind was favorable to them and they used the secret weapon; the mustard gas. This is a poisonous gas that makes you choke to death when you inhale it.

By the time the gas wasn’t released yet, I was fighting. When suddenly a German hit my friend Marcus. I rapidly attended him and took him to the interior of the trench where a doctor was. While the doctor was healing Marcus the three of us saw that the rest of the soldiers were chocking. Thank God I was with the doctor that knew what was happening and gave me a towel to cover my nose and mouth to not inhale the gas. After a few minutes, the battlefield was a calmed sea of dead soldiers. It was horrible, terrifying, I couldn’t even watch. From now on, we must wear gas masks in case there are more gas attacks.


Now, it is 7 pm. I’m on a car heading south towards France. By the time you read this letter, I’ll be making a trench or finish making and prepare for another battle.

I love you so much. The girls of my life.

From your loving husband and father.




As we know, this weekend was thanksgiving and I think that almost everybody has to be thankful for something.

I’m thankful for my family, especially my parents. Everyone in my family has been supporting me since I was born. I’m extremely thankful for that as I haven’t done anything for them and they have done everything for me. I’m also thankful for my parents/family as they are giving me a nice education. They are trying that I’m well educated for a better future. But what I’m most thankful for is what I’m living right now. My parents have paid a lot of money for me to be here in Canada. This is the best they have given me, and as I mentioned before, I didn’t do anything to them for letting me live this wonderful experience to study in another country.

So that is what I am thankful for, for my family/parents that love me support me and let me live marvelous experiences.

Photovoice B







In this photo, one sees a lot of food a lot of plastic. Nowadays plastic is damaging our world, so if we do not want our planet polluted and unhealthy, we should start using less of these. As a lot of people already may know, there is an island in the Pacific Ocean between California and Hawaii that is 600,000 square miles. This enormous PLASTIC ISLAND is twice the size the state of Texas in United States. As we know, plastic is very bad for us and having such in the ocean, is terrible. Now fish are eating more often plastics, and we as humans eat them.  As mentioned, plastic is really bad for our organism, it is so bad that it can produce us even cancer! Another issue that I wanted to show in this image is the quantity of people that can not have these aliments in their homes. Now a lot of people are starving and dying of these because they do not have enough money and resources to buy it.Firstly, I think that we should reduce the amount of plastic. To do this I think that every government of each country should try to low the fabrication of plastics. And secondly, I personally believe that we should make an effort and start sharing a little more money and try to help the ones who are dying of starvation. As an image, I do not think it is very good, so people may not like it at first, they would not care. But, if you keep watching it and trying to think what the photographer wanted to show, many should find out what did the photographer wanted to say.


I have learnt a lot of things as it was something that I almost never stopped to think. Before, I saw maybe a tragic picture and I only felt sorry for those who suffered, but I never thought about the massage that the photographer wanted to transmit. Referring to visual literacy, I have also learnt about humanity. I realised how lucky we are, I realised that we are very different from each other but at the same time we are the same, and I have also learnt a little of photography. Sometimes, in the news, in social media or in blogs people want to show something that affects them with an image. In my opinion, that is very difficult, as what one wants to reveal their feelings. I believe that for showing your sentiments, one needs to be very specific. So that is what happens with visual literacy, it is very hard to make or find a photo that shows how a person feels about something. According to this, I think that criticizing this type of images is not good because it is very hard. Unless the theme you want to show is very obvious and easy.


In conclusion, I would like that the level of plastics decreases. But not only in our community, I want that it decreases in the whole planet. Doing this, we will have our planet less polluted, more healthy and safer. I also want that the number of demises of starvation decreases too. To make this happen, the government of each continent, the government of each country and the government of each province in the world makes sure that the fabrication of plastics lowers. They also must take very seriously the fact of recycling. We need to recycle as much as we can. And finally, for those who do not follow the rules of recycling, a penalty fee will be given.