DOAS Monologue- Biff

I am a middle aged single white male named Biff Loman. I used to be a confident, popular highschool football player, who got all the pretty girls. My father has very high expectations for me. He expects me to fulfill all of his dreams as a salesman, and live the American dream in his perspective. He wants me to settle down and get married, and maybe even have some kids, but that’s definitely not the life I want to live. After high school is when everything went down hill. I went to boston in the summer and caught my father cheating on my mother with a mistress. It took away my motivation of becoming successful, and it even made me not go to summer school for math, which I failed in my senior year. I’ve had several jobs since graduation. People also call me a freelancer. I hate a routined life with nothing but constriction, and working a 9 to 5 job with the same pattern and nothing to look forward to. I like working in the farm and having my freedom. Unlike me, my brother, Happy is well off. Living close to home, with a stable job. I always thought I would be like him. I feel bad that mother has no clue about my fathers affair. It pains me to watch her always taking his side. My parents expect so much in me, while my brother never gets pressured to do anything. Now I am trying to get back in my feet and become something that my parents will be proud of.