Taming of the Shrew Stop Motion Induction Scene Project

This stop motion video is based on “Taming of the Shrew” a comedic play written by William Shakespeare. This Stop motion was created by Joy, Keisha, Jenna. Joy’s role during the creation of the stop motion project was to download the stop motion app, take the photo’s, upload the video to YouTube, narrate scenes, and to bring in the Lego needed. Keisha also contributed by writing the storyboard, moving the characters, bringing in Lego, and narrating scenes. Jenna contributed by narrating scenes, and writing out the treatment plan. The induction scene in the play is used as the opening act and sets the tone or feeling for the main act, an inset is used to describe a play within in a play. We demonstrated the induction scene for the majority of our take on “Taming of the Shrew” by showing the story of Christopher Sly and the Lord’s prank. The inset can be seen near the end of our video when the players perform their play for Christopher Sly and his wife. For our project we used an app called “stop motion” to film our video, it was a simple app to use because you only needed to move your characters and take photo’s as well as a simple navigation system. We had decided to use Lego to present our version of “Taming of the Shrew” in a way different from a stage play. Some of the challenges that occurred during the making of the stop motion was getting the narration to match with the scenes, we had a hard time making sure we met the minimum of two minutes, and we had problems with getting the audio to work on the app. What we learned during the project was how to use the stop motion app, and we also gained a better understanding of the induction scene from the play.

Animal Farm Propaganda Poster


In this poster you can see that there is a confident pig in a wrestling rink with a defeated man, and outside the rink there is an apple and a carton of milk that seems to be the coachs, that are cheering on the pig. As shown above there are many propagandas in this poster. The first technique that is used in the poster is name calling, because the person shown in the picture is described as an enemy, which is stereotyping all people. The second technique used in the poster is glittering generalities, because there is a saying on the top of the poster that reads “The apples and milk are for the pigs to fight the enemy.” This makes us accepting and approving the facts without examining the evidence carefully. The third technique used in the poster is scapegoat, because the poster is blaming the humans without properly investigating the issue. The last technique used in the poster is fear. In the poster, it is shown as though if the pigs were not there, the animals would not be able to survive, and that the humans would come back to take over the farm and the animals, which leads the animals to feel danger.

“The Secluded Lot”- Graphic Novel

Exposition- “ ‘I’d like to inquire about a lot’ The old man said the effort of decision evident in his voice.” (pg.1)

Rising Action- “The old man decides to buy a  lot, and signed in shaky hands. ‘After all it’s for’ ” (pg.2-3)

Rising Action-  “During the ensuing year old man Blake made periodic visits to his lot. ‘Hmm’ ” (pg.3)

Rising Action- “One day,  bee slowly circled overhead, then dove for its target.’Ouch !That cursed bee stung me!’ ” (pg.3)

Climax- “The full implication left him aghast. There was no precedent for this in all cemetery history. ‘How dare you operate a beehive in this cemetery!’ ” (pg.3)

Falling Action-  “Jerome was shocked. ‘It’s on my property. I purchased it, didn’t I?’ ‘Rose Haven Nectar brings a special price.’ ‘You sell the honey?’ “(pg.3-4)

Falling Action-  “It must be illegal, he thought, with every intention of rushing back to the office to examine the small print.” (pg.4)

Resolution- “Mr.Jerome, I have reached an important decision: I should like to buy another lot.” (pg.4)


secluted lot part1secluted lot part 2)