Desmos Art Functions Card 2018

This is my desmos Christmas card project.

I had under estimated the amount of thinking this project would need to really accomplish what I had pictured and envisioned in my head. By using a variety of different functions, I was able to create many shapes to make the christmas card.

Thinking of ways to make my card more interesting, I used trigonometric functions to make the wave pattern, in the tree and give texture to the ground. If you zoom in closer to the tree, you can see that i combined two cosine functions to make the decoration. I also used the log function to make the curve in the sled. I also had trouble figuring out how to shade certain parts of my graph. Eventually, I realized that you just have to find the two functions in between the area you would like to shade and make sure to label those functions.

I used linear functions to make straight lines, and used function notation to make things quicker and more efficient. I had trouble trying to figure out ways to make the curves in the letters, but I later figured out how to use semi-circle functions, and restrictions on the circles to complete the letters.

I used more trigonometric functions to put the wavey texture in the santa hat, as well as the cubic function to create the hair line by using more restrictions. The star was also made with rational functions and including restrictions.

Overall, this was a very fun assignment where I was able to review my knowledge regarding the many different varieties of functions and function notation.