Math 10 Week 18- Final Week

This year of Math has been very challenging yet very imformative. Last year’s math was really easy and most of the curriculum was review for me, but this year I learned something new each unit.

I also really liked our math class. I met a lot of great people. Everyone was so supportive and tried to help each other when there was a problem someone didn’t understand.

Through this class I learned a couple of ways to be successful in math 10.

Top 5 Ways to be Successful in Math 10

1. Finish ALL of your homework. I can’t stress how important it is to complete the assigned homework. It will really change the result of your mark. You may think you have a solid understanding of the chapter, but you’ll always come across a question that can make you think twice. I realized that most of the tests I didn’t do my best were the ones I didn’t do my homework on. Finishing all your homework also gives opportunity to ask questions the next day.

2. Take detailed notes. Physically writing down things will help you understand what you are learning. Always write down things you may forget later or any concepts that are harder to grasp. This will really help when you are studying for a test, and especially for midterms or finals.

3. Ask a lot of questions. If there is a concept you don’t understand make sure to ask! It’s good to ask the teacher, but if you ask the people around you it can help someone else in the class. It may even turn into a discussion that will make your classmates get the chance to express how they understood the question, and helping others step by step will help you explicate the concept for yourself too.

4. Always stay focused on the lesson. Make sure you don’t miss anything imformative. The teacher may be talking about a easier way of understanding or solving an equation that you would hate to miss.

5. Make sure to study. Practice makes perfect is very true. I always got better results when I studied. Going over notes especially if the unit has a lot of vocabulary, and solving more challenging equations are great ways to study. Also try to go back to questions from the homework that you had trouble with the first time.

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