“Two Fishermen” Character Sketch (Joy Cha)

Smith, from the short story “Two Fisherman” is a voyaging executioner. , he goes town to town. He does not appear to have any instructions nor beliefs he stands for capital punishment. He is in his mid-fifties and is hitched to his better half with five kids. He is a little man with a heavy stance and dark twists. He replies to the moniker “Smitty.” Smith’s side interest is angling, and he gets a kick out of the chance to hope for a check whether there is a trip to the to angle. He appreciates angling with his better half times. Smith does not appear to have numerous companions, though most likely because of his occupation as the executioner.


Albeit congenial, he has a far side in all likelihood due to the judgments of general society about this area. He is a superb storyteller and a great companion. His mentality to look for mates and be steadfast could be clear as pure, and companions could take the change of him.