“The Secret Life of Walter Mitty” Narrative

He heard sound of thunder. It’s been 10 minutes, but his wife did not come, so he texted to her “When are you arriving?” she responded “I’m sorry, but I think it’ll take a little longer, I need more time. I think you need to go to the nearby café, don’t get anything expensive! And take the receipt.”. Walter Mitty took a deep breath. He walked for search café. The was rain very much in the way to café. He saw the outdoor pool on the way, the children were running out of the water to avoid rain. A large flood rushed into the village. Walter Mitty is insolent and incompetent rescuer, and people are derisive at him and do not believe him. Walter Mitty sailed confidently into the town with a rescue boat, and other rescuers failed to ride the boat, because they have only one rescue boat. People were in pandemonium, because insolent and incompetent Walter Mitty comes to save people. People think ‘I could die, If I get on that boat!’, so they do not respond to the rescue and they do not get on the boat. Walter Mitty shouted “Hurry up! You guys need to get on this boat! If you do not get on, you could die!” People hesitated for a short time. Then some people get onto the boat. Mrs. Mitty yelled “What are you doing here? I said go to the café, why are you getting wet in the rain?” When Walter Mitty woke up, the rain stopped and he stood in the middle of the street, and his wife asked “What are you thinking all day long?” Walter Mitty said, “I imagined the dreams I wanted, It was funny day.” Mrs. Mitty looked at Walter Mitty dutifully. “Stop talking nonsense. Let’s go” Walter Mitty answered “Okay…”

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