Biological Warfare in the 1400’s

Not many people take the time to learn about how much of an impact the diseases Columbus brought when he came to America affected the whole event. Also, this author takes a different take on the events that happened and bring up the question that why the Native Americans didn’t conquer Europe and depopulate it. I think this author does a good job of allowing different ideas to be brought and up and explained with his own take on the history of what we now call America. I liked how the author told a story, and then tied it together with facts and questions that aren’t brought up very often. I feel like this article shows the reader that there are many different ideas about the worlds history, and can be voiced and backed up with facts. I really enjoyed this article because it gave me a new perspective on the conquering of the “New World”, and how it probed my brain to really think about the other ways that history could have gone.

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