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I am George Giesbrecht. I grew up on a farm in Southern Manitoba, about 5 km west of Winkler. Where me and my father grew a unique relationship. He was my Father, I was his son, He was my boss, I was his employee, He was my role model. I was up in the morning before sunlight, every morning, to milk the cows, and feed the animals. Then in the afternoon, especially during harvest it was non stop work for 14 hours. My mom always was preparing something for us eat. Me and my Dad had a great bond, we were always together from when I was born until present. He watched all my hockey and baseball games, even though he should’ve been working, we went to church together every Sunday, and we worked in the field for countless hours, him teaching me almost everything I know. As I said we have always been together, from when I was born, until present. Present, I am at the hospital. I am struck with the worst 4 words of my life. “Your father has cancer”.

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