American Dream

The American Dream

The American Dream Ideals are to live comfortably, be successful, and have a family. People want money. Money  represents success. I think people think if they had more money it would solve all their problem and they would be happier. People are to often forget the people and things they love because there eyes are focussed on money. The American Dream is the image of living a safe, happy, fun, and comfortable life. It’s the life people think of when they think of “perfect”, nothing is wrong in the American Dream, well it seems that way. People think if they have money, they will have a perfect life. People will always be chasing money if that’s the case, they will never be settled and happy. People’s image of the American Dream make them thing, if they had more money, they would be more happy. More Money= More Happy. I think this is a false conception.

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