Princess Mononoke Questions

What ethic do the different main characters exhibit? What examples support this?

Lady Eboshi wanted to take over the land to mine the iron in the land and kill nature, therefor she valued what she wanted over the environment. She didn’t examine the outcomes and didn’t think in an Utilitarianism way. Princess Mononoke wanted to save the forest, but also hated humans and wanted to kill them. Prince Ashitaka wanted to cause pease between humans and nature, so they could live in peace. Then humans did not realize by killing nature they are killing are there resources and stuff they need.

What is the ethic of the writer of the film? How do you know?

The writer of the story wants to save the wildlife and preserve the forest and let it be. I know because the ethic of the story was to show the watchers of the movie what will happen when we kill the Forrest, and the negative impacts it has if we do.

Which ethic from the film do you side with and why?

I side with saving the wildlife and causing peace. We rely on nature so much in our everyday lives, and if we destroy nature, we are also destroying our resources. Let’s say we destroy nature to mine, in order to build a mine we need resources from nature, like wood. If we destroy all of nature we won’t be able to build much. Nature also provides our food.

Watching this makes me want to save wildlife.

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  1. I would argue that Lady Eboshi did think in utilitarian ways as she thought helping the lepers and prostitutes with jobs in the mining industry would be a benefit to all. She probably does see the negatives in clearing the land of trees but the number of positives outweigh the effects to the environment. That’s probably how a lot of our society today thinks. Princess Mononoke might be seen in two ways, either deontological in following the rule to protect the environment, or it could be an ethic of care towards the environment. I think you’re right about Ashitaka, he promotes living in harmony with the environment. Humans need to interact with the environment to live, but there are harmonious ways and damaging ways to do it and I think he promotes the harmony side.
    I agree that the film is trying to make the audience more aware of our detrimental effects to the environment. It seems to send a message of disaster if we follow the ways of Lady Eboshi. But for those with a more critical eye, it also shows that hate can blind you, like those forest gods or even what happens to Ashitaka’s arm. So being angry at those who damage the environment isn’t really helping.

    With the Dawn commercial, does it make you question why they get harmed in the first place? Have you gone out to help rescue animals?

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