Tech Team Year End Reflection

a) Describe your project. What did you do? How did you do 

My groups project was all about streaming school events like the spoken words. We also had to make an outline of how to stream stuff which was recently completed.

b) What problems did you run into? Were you able to solve these challenges? How did you solve these challenges? Is there anything you would do differently?

We ran into a few problems such as missing cables or issues with the camera. The Grade 9/10 of semester 2 spoken word wasn’t streamed due to these issues. We fixed these issues for the Grade 11/12 part of spoken words how ever. These issues were solved by charging the camera and gathering the missing cables. Differently I would like to have a checklist to fill out when ever we finish streaming events so that we don’t lose cables or anything important.

c)  What did you learn? Were you able to learn new skills or strengthen previous ones?

I didn’t learn anything new but I think I strengthened some of my skills with software such as the elgato one we used to stream.


Impact: How might your project positively impact the social and emotional well being of students/our school? What can be done to increase the impact of this idea on the school?

I think that streaming events has a massive impact on our school because it allows us to archive events as well as students or teachers being able to watch the events live.

Desirability: What could you change to make your project more desirable to students, teachers, administrators, parents or the community?

I think that making the stream more advertised would add some more desirability to it.

Integratability: What would you change to make this idea easier to integrate into a school setting?

I think to integrate the streams I would just advertise them more often to teachers or students.

Feasability: Looking back what would you change what would you keep?

Looking back I think I would keep majority of it because it worked out really well the last time we streamed.

e) What did you learn from being a part of this project?

I learned how to problem solve quickly and how to have patience with certain issues.