Are writers and artists as important to society as scientists and engineers?

Personally I don’t think that writers and artists are as important to society as scientists and engineers because without writers and artists we would still be alive but the world would be dull, but without scientists and engineers we would live in a very primitive world and have no medicine or technology but we would have books and entertainment. I think that scientists and engineers are more important because they allow society to evolve and get better by creating better medicine and inventing better technology as well as creating ways to travel such as cars, airplanes, or boats. From my experience it seems like it would be nicer to live in a world where engineers and scientists exist without artists and writers because then we would still have medicine and an ability to grow as society even if there is no entertainment instead of living in a world with artists and writers but no scientists and engineers because even if there was entertainment I don’t think the quality of life would be very high if there was no medicine or ways to cure diseases.

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