Rube Goldberg Project

  1.  First, we drop the marble into a cut in flag pool noodle. The marble then goes almost straight down and then it curves up and falls on to the next pool noodle. This noodle then drops the marble onto a slanted piece of cardboard which guides the marble on to another set of pool noodles. The noodles roll the marble across the back wall and drops the marble into a tube which then rolls the marble down and dings the bell.
  2.  Point A starts with potential energy and transfers to Kinetic around point B. Point B-C goes from kinetic to potential as the marble falls, at point d the energy goes back to potential as the marble falls,F-G and G-H are examples of kinetic to potential as the marble falls. H-I is kinetic to potential as the marble stops, and kinetic to sound as the marble hits the bell.
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