Float your boat science – Josh

Our boat

2. The experiment was to see how many pennies could fit in a boat made from tinfoil, 2 toothpicks, 2 mini marshmellows, and a piece of tape

3. My hypothesis was that if the boat held the pennies in the center of the boat then it wouldn’t float because eventually it would just drag it down

4. We discovered that our boat had uneven weight and would tip over until we put pennies in. My hypothesis that if the boat held the pennies in the center then it would eventually sink because of the weight was supported. Once our boat got 12 pennies in it, it tipped a bit then sank. A couple of errors we made was when we tested the boat it had 2 marshmellows on it that fell off and we thought were unnecessary. An improvement we could do isĀ  that we could time how long it lasted with the 11 pennies in it to see if it would have sank with that many in it as well.

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