IT 10 Animation Project

-What have you learned

I learned how to use the timing to make the animations work along with making the backgrounds change.

-What was challenging?

It was challenging to make all the sprites and backgrounds along with getting them to talk together and not have any conflicting scripts.

-1 Other thing.

I chose the Fairly Odd Parents show to recreate because when I was a child I really liked it, and I didn’t want to do Spongebob like a lot of other people.

-Link to animation

IT 10 Scratch Game

-Describe your game and how to play.

My game is a jumping based game that involves avoiding the puddles and other obstacles.

Use “W” to jump, “A” to move left, “D” to move right.

-What I’ve learned.

I have learned about the many ways to create things using scratch and as well as how to deal with conflicting scripts.

-What was challenging

The jumping script was the most challenging because if he was jumping and was sent back to the start while the jump script was still going the sprite would be sent lower then were he should be because of the script. I fixed this by making it so he would fall until he hit a certain colour. So even when he was sent back to the start he wouldn’t keep falling.

What I liked/Didn’t like.

I liked being able to go out on my own with out any boundaries to create a game to my liking. I also liked learning about the different commands that I can give to different sprites with the scripts. I didn’t like only having a week because I think with more time I could have made a better and longer game.

Link to my game