Engineering Brightness Proposal

1. Media Thoughts.

a) Over all Skype experience

I thought that the Skype experience was useful for gathering information, and better then just googling it and getting information off of there. It could have been better if we knew some more information prior to the skype call, then we could have made better questions.

b) some screenshots

screenshot-10_li  screenshot-8_li


c) Ideas for connection

We could connect with companies that create lights to learn what light bulbs are the most efficient

2. A summary of what I’ve learned so far.

a. We talked to Eladio and Dennis and 2 of their students in the Dominican Republic. We also talked to Ian Fogerty and his students in New Brunswick. We’ve learned that magnets and copper wire will create electricity which will allow us to create our lights.

b. What interested me the most was creating more efficient lights that people in light poverty can use.

c. The whole experience is good, its a different way to do science class and will help out a lot more later in life.

3. What are your group’s plans to help address light poverty in the Dominican Republic?

a. Our general ideas are to create a light that can be charged by movement and magnets.


b. So far we have the idea to create lights using electro magnets which you would shake to generate the power.

Rough Draft Drawn by Alhan Z.


c. Companies that creates lights can help us, as well as electricians. We can also find out a lot of information by using google, or the internet

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2 thoughts on “Engineering Brightness Proposal

  1. ashianas2016 says:

    Awesome job! I really like the layout of your blog it makes it more fun to read. I really like your ideas, I think they are very creative. I think the shakable lights idea is very smart. The sketch is very well done. I would really like to see more of your personal experience with the skype call. Were you able to speak to any of the people? Overall it was an interesting post and I really liked how you added that it was helpful to talk to them instead of searching up the information because that is a great point to make. -Ashiana

    • josht2016 says:

      Unfortunately we weren’t able to connect with many other people aside from the skype chats in class. But I’m glad you liked it.

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