Corrections – How does Society Treat people with less money?

In the book Those Shoes, written by Maribeth Boelts, Jeremy (the protagonist) is jealous of his fellow classmates having the new, in style sneakers. He later asks his grandma if she could buy him a pair of those shoes, but unfortunately, she couldn’t afford them because she had bought him a new pair of snow boots. The next day at school Jeremy’s sneakers fall apart. Due to them falling apart, the counsellor helps him out by finding him a pair of shoes in the lost and found. The only thing they could find in his size were an old pair of velcro shoes with a pink animal on the side. When he walked back into class with those on his feet, all the kids made fun of him and started laughing. Humans can be judgmental and hurtful when they feel superior to another. This book describes how humans can be mean and hurtful when someone doesn’t have the same financial needs.