Week 17 Math 10

This week in math 10 we learned about the systems of linear equations and how to tell the number of solutions in a equation. there are 3 different types of solutions – 1. 1 Solution (where two lines cross at one point) 2. 0 Solutions (where the lines are parallel to each other and don’t cross at any point. 3. an Infinite amount of solutions, where the lines are inside of each other and keep going inside of each other forever. there are 2 ways of solving these types of equations. 1. Substitution (where you make Y equal to something and then plug that into another equation to find x. 2. Elimination, where you put the two equations on top of one another and either add or subtract, BUT one of the pairs has to be 0 pairs so they cancel each other out. Finally there is Using Systems to solve problems. This is where you get a word problem and make it into 2 equations and then solve to find the answer from the word problem. you also half to answer in a complete sentence at the end of the question. there are 4 steps to this process 1. Define the Variable 2. Write system of linear Equation 3. Solve System 4. Answer question in full sentence. Here are some of the notes and work i did throughout the week.