science 9 collaboration project


Core competency:

Trying different ways of doing things – I feel like I improved upon this skill due to my ways of thinking while doing the project and the ways I presented.

Develop criteria for evaluating design options: I feel I improved upon this skill a lot while making the model on paper. This was present on the models we showed the dragons while presenting.

Monitor my progress and adjust my actions accordingly: I monitored my progress better than normal during this project and I think it showed when we presented because we were organized and all of us knew what we were doing.

Make choices that help me create my intended impact on the audience or situation: I feel I did good on this part of the project because when the dragons asked questions I knew what I was talking about and how it would affect certain things. when I didn’t know the answer to a question I had someone else in my group tell the dragons the answer.

Collaboration reflection:

I feel our group did good while dividing up the parts to each person, I also feel we worked well when we needed to finish certain parts of the project in a certain amount of time. We were very organized and knew what we were going to say when we were going up to present, I’m very proud of how our group did and I feel like the dragons enjoyed our project. The only thing I would have liked our group to work on more is a physical model of our car but it would have been harder than just making drawings and blueprints on paper.

Experience Debrief:

I liked the collaborating and being able to create your own group with your friends and make your own project that your passionate about. I also enjoyed being able to compete with other groups and present in front of dragons that could give us feedback on our project and ways to make it even better. I liked everything about this project and hope we do more things like this in other classes. The only thing I would want to do differently is at the begging of our project we should have used our time a bit better.