Science 9 Collaboration post “Discover”

so basically I was put to the task to “discover” new ways of making our project more efficient, and by the way we are making a electric car that will never need to charge, basically a car that can make electricity as fast as it can use it, making it the worlds first car that can keep running forever. first we would need to design¬†a smart computer, and put a software onto it so it can use and distribute the electricity¬†wisely. this means the whole computer would first need to not use very much energy and still be able to function properly, after that we need to design a motor that can go into the engine that will create lots of electricity and use very little, making it so the car can store electricity for emergency situations. Any movement in this car will create energy, literally anything, even little things like closing and opening the doors will. this car will seat only two people and have a solar panel roof. its beta name is the Faris FX Mod 1. The purpose of making this car is to reduce gasses in our air and make a safe environment for people and children to live in.


  1. Mr. Robinson · April 24, 2017 at 4:10 pm ·

    Thanks for explaining your innovation idea. It would be great to see solar powered electric cars. I would love for you to share more of your ideas on how this would look including uploading a design. It would also be great to see from where you discovered your research. I am excited to see how far you get with your innovation.

    • jordant2016 · April 24, 2017 at 7:33 pm ·

      awesome to see that youre excited to see our project! thanks for the feedback!