British Governing Policy

As a British official, I realize there are many alternatives to governing Quebec.  I have chosen the policy of isolation to ensure the colony is properly run. I would like to start my statement by saying everyone would get separate territories which in some cases are called reserves. We would split these reserves, one for British colonies, one of French colonies, and one for First Nations. Each reserve would have its own way of government. These colonies would have peace with each other meaning there would be no war, also we wouldn’t half to move the French back to France, they would be welcomed to stay if there would be no disagreements between colonies. Also, these colonies would be able to support each other if one is in a state of sickness or death. This is a better option because deportation would just make more hassle for the British and French, it would cost money and more people would die. Maintaining the status-quo isn’t a good option because we are the better group in this fight and it wouldn’t be right to win and then let the enemy keep their rights and the way they live. Assimilation is when the French and or the native people convert to the British colony, but that could lead to back stabbers and its too risky to put that type of governing in. finally biculturism is when the British and French just do their own thing and that is not a good way of governing this situation since we had just fought and this could give time for the enemy to get reinforcements and take over again. As I have outlined above, I believe the best policy for governing Quebec is isolation.  This will ensure that the colony will remain under British control and provide wealth for our glorious country.