3 Things I think are important about Static Electricity

  • Static Electricity rules: Static electricity has different charges, some negative some positive. two of the same charge repel and 2 of the opposites attract. this is where the term “opposites attract” comes from.
  • learning about conductors and inductors: conductors and inductors are two different things, for example, metal is a good conductor, it transfers all the electrons to it and into the ground, that’s why when lightning strikes it always hits the ground because it wants to get to the ground as fast as it can. that is also why there are lighting rods on top of big buildings and towers, the lightning rod brings the lighting strait to the ground. the lighting rod is made of metal. inductors are things like wires that make the static electricity to move from place to place, a lightning rod is almost a inductor but not 100% because its also made of metal and keeps some of the charge from lightning bolts.
  • conduction and induction: conduction is like a fire under a pot, the heat gets moved from place to place and makes the contents charged. this is similar with conduction in static electricity. conduction is when you charge a object without it actually touching, just being near can charge the object for example, if you have a bunch of electrons inside a glass container and then you touch your hand to the outside of the container on one side there would be negative and the other side there would be positive, making that a conduction charge. induction how ever is when you half to touch a object right onto another one to charge/ put energy into. a example of this would be a iPhone charger, you put the charger end into the bottom of your phone and it charges by touching batteries and chargers on the inside of the phone, it transfers the electricity from the wall to your phone.

the most important lab to me in this was the van de graph generator, it showed a everyone in the class how static electricity can flow through someone’s body and how it is made (by rubbing a brush on a metal pole) this lab helped me the most to understand the science behind static electricity.