Miss Hancock and Charlottes Mom

Jordan Nacario
Block A
October 8, 2015
Miss Hancock and Charlotte’s Mom
How did they influence Charlotte?
Sometimes when you feel like you being held back, look to those who are close you to look up to.. The Metaphor is a short story written by Budge Wilson. This short story is about a young girl named Charlotte and she has a passion for writing. Charlotte has a grade 7 English teacher named Miss Hancock who supports her and who she looks up to. Charlotte also looks looks up to mother.
Miss Hancock and Charlottes mom are complete opposites, yet they are both there for Charlotte to look up to. Its never enough to look up to only one person. Charlottes mom is always very put together and cares for her daughter. When Charlotte came home and went into the kitchen it was neat and tidy. In the story Charlotte would explain her mother as if she was always dressed up and wore a good amount of makeup. One day when Charlotte got home she was telling her mother about English class and how she had a lot of fun with Miss Hancock. Charlotte got interrupted “ Is she that brassyMiss Hancock whom I met at the Home and School meeting?” said the mother. This quote shows that her mother doesn’t like Miss Hancock. Charlottes English teacher, Miss Hancock is supportive of Charlotte and cares for her. Most of the students liked Miss Hancock, she was outgoing and encouraged the students to express themselves throughout poems and writings. Miss Hancock dedicated her life to children and teaching, so this meant that she would be passionate about her job and the students.” The Metaphor is yours- to use, to enjoy, to enrich” Miss Hancock stated. By saying this one might get the impression that Miss Hancock is laid back and lets the students enjoy themselves.
Hancock and Charlottes mom both are an impact on Charlotte by inspiring her.Charlottes mother was supportive when Charlotte was down the next day she found out about Miss Hancock passing. Although her mother still called her “that brassy creature from grade 7?” She was still there to comfort her daughter. At times you could think that her mom is a bit hard on Charlotte. “Charlotte” “I’ll have to ask you to stop this non sense” said her mother. After saying this it makes Charlotte stronger because she isn’t being babied at home. It also shows that her mom want her to become strong like herself. Miss Hancock was one of the biggest people to impact her. She was outgoing and was great at teaching. In a way Miss Hancock made Charlotte passionate for writing metaphors. Her lessons kept the students awake and happy. “Miss Hancock was equally at home in her two fields of creative writing and literature. It was the first tie I had been excited, generally moved, by poems, plays and stories.” after saying this Miss Hancock truly inspired not only Charlotte but the whole class because it showed them to be themselves.

Charlottes two remodels not only are good people in general but the details to them make them even more inspiring to her. Charlotte mentioned that her mother volunteers for the community a lot. Having someone contributing to the community makes Charlotte get opportunities for volunteer as well. This just shows that she will become a great person like her mom. Miss Hancock always taught the class with good enthusiasm. All students like teachers that are fun. Mis Hancock not only made the kids have fun but also made them great writers. “ Your writing showed promise, Charlotte” said Miss Hancock. She is so nice and honest to Charlotte.

Having one person to look up to is always great, but having two is lucky. Even if those two people are complete opposites it will make you a even better person. One person who is smart and has passion for education; the other who is well mannered and professional. They both impact Charlotte no matter what there personality is.