I chose this picture of Katy Perry because her skin is super smooth and theres not one flaw in her makeup, obviously its super edited and not realistic at all.


Personally the media doesn’t affect me because i know that most of the time the models are fake and edited. Sometimes seeing commercials on TV i get annoyed because they make it so obvious that its edited. When I was younger i was defiantly more influenced by the media but now that I’m older and I have accepted who I am and it doesn’t faze me. I hope that when I’m older my child won’t be influenced by the media because i want her to accept who she is.

I think that at times the media can have a positive affect on people,  especially now a days because the media is getting better with representing all cultures and sizes for women and men.

Agar Cube Lab

In terms of maximizing diffusion, what was the most effective size cube that you tested?

For maximizing diffusion, the 1cm cube was the most effective.

Why was that size the most effective at maximizing diffusion? What are the important factors that affect how materials diffuse into cells or tissue?

the 1cm cube was the most effective because it has a smaller surface area, and this makes it easier to cover the whole thing. Important factors that affect diffusion in cells or tissues are temperatures, materials, size and polarity.


If a large surface area is helpful to cells, why do cells not grow to be very larger?

surface area effects volume and if an object has a high volume it will take a greater amount of time to diffuse even though it may have a lot of surface area. This is why cells do not grow very larger.

You have three cubes, A,B and C. They have surface to volume ratios of 3:1, 5:2 and 4:1 respectively. Which of these cubes is going to be the most effective at maximizing diffusion, how do you know this?

the most effective ratio cube is 4:1 because of the balance of surface area to volume, it will have the most effective diffusion out of the three cubes.

How does your body adapt to surface area-to-volume ratios to help exchange gasses?

Our bodies have adapted in order to use large surface area organs that help exchange gases better. This is due to the surface area-volume ratio. An example of this is that our lungs use gasses like oxygen and carbon dioxide.

why can’t certain cells, like bacteria, get to be the size of a small fish?

some cells can’t grow larger because when the surface area grows the volume will also grow. The more volume that is there means that the cell will diffuse very slowly.

What are the advantages of large organisms being multi-cellular?

The advantages of large organism being multi cellular are that they are ore complex compared to a normal cell.


February Lab Reflection

I chose to relfect on the biscuits and gravy lab because it was my favourite lab. I did enjoy the la because it was one of the first labs with our new table groups so it was fun getting to know them. I thought that the product turned out really good, expecially the biscuits.  I also thought that the gravy was too thick but i this thats how it was suppose to be. I worked well with my group. If i were to do the lab again i think i would use the smaller chute so i could make more of the biscuits because my group only had 5.


( We didnt get a picture of our mine-en-place, but these are what the biscuits looked like)

DNA Replication Questions


  1. DNA is composed of four basic molecules called nucleotides which are; guanine, cytosine, adenine and thymine. All are the same except they each have a different nitrogen base. DNA has two sides that are twisted together like and called a double helix. When two stands of DNA are run in opposite sides to each other this is called antiparallel. Guanine base  and cytosine base are always paired and adinere base and thymine are always together.
  2. It helps model the structure because the different colours help represent each part of the DNA structure. Also we could use materials that are more alike to what the estructure would actually look like.


3. DNA replication ocurrs when the cell divides. The cell has to have two of everything. Ex. genetic information.

4. The first step to DINA replication is unwinding, this is when the helix unzips the two strands of DNA(breaking H-bonds). This happens the same way on the leading and lagging strand.

Second step is complimentary base pairing and this is when the DNA Polymerase matches up to each base on the complimentary pair. On the leading strand the action is continuous, but on the lagging strand the action must be achieved in sections because it must always go backwards.

The third step is joining. This is when the DNA ligase attaches onto the sugar phosphate backbone to the daughter strand. The leading strand is continuous and on the lagging strand it s done in fragments.


5. I personally thought the lab helped me because we were creating a 3D image of DNA and for me i learned from it. I did find part of the activity challenging, for example the pipe cleaners were hard to connect, but other then that i enjoyed it.


6. mRNA does not use thymine it uses uracil. mRNA is made up of rebose suegras and DNA is deoxyribose sugars. mRNA is also different because it is only one strand and is a lot shorter than DNA.

7.Transcription is the process by which DNA is copied to mRNA, which carries the information needed for protein synthesis.

Safety Cheat Sheet


  • Curl your knuckles in when cutting.

If you use this technique when you are cutting it will help you prevent cutting your fingers.


Provent food poisoning:

  • make sure your food packages are not opened.

Everytime you open a new package of food make sure you check for any tears in the packaging.


Personal Higiene:

  • make sure your hands are washed before cooking.

By washing your hands before you cook you are being clean and keeping your self from being exposed to bacteria.


Slips/ Trips and Falls:

  • wear non-slip shoes

By wearing non-slip shoes it saves you from slipping on slips that might not be cleaned up yet.