Why Not a Skirt? (Sam the Athlete) Persuasive Paragraph


If a pair of shoes doesn’t make a difference, why should a skirt? Sam the Athlete is a short story written by Stuart McLean. The short story is about a boy named Sam and the struggle of going into middle school without knowing anyone. In addition Sam is also trying to find a sport that he can be a part of, but he has trouble finding a sport he is capable of doing. Finally Sam finds a sport that he is good at, field hockey was the sport for Sam. The first day of practice Sam found out that he was on an all girls team in order to play he has to wear a skirt. When you feel good in what you are doing or what you are wearing, why stop because other people say so? Sam truly made the right decision about wearing the skirt and staying on the team because it made him feel important and finally apart of something. Sam didn’t feel uncomfortable wearing the skirt. ““Everyone on the team wears one.” said Sam.” He didn’t care that he had to wear one because he just wanted to play and fit in. Furthermore Sam is finally happy in playing the sport he is actually good at. When the coach says “Nice work Samantha” Sam was aching to hear those words ever since he tried out for the team. After the coach said those words, of course Sam was over joyed, but just not quiet with those words. Although Sam thought it was weird being called Samantha he was getting attention from the coach and that made him feel good about him self. All in all letting someone be happy, whether it’s something different or not at all different we should just let that be.

Street Pharm Theme



In the novel Street Pharm, Allison van Diepen shares a story about a teenage boy named Tyrone Johnson who has taken over his fathers drug dealing business. Ty meets a girl named Alyse, he finds out he has real feelings for Alyse. Now Ty has to balance drug dealing and keeping Alyse in his life. In Street Pharm, Allison van Diepen shows the reader that you should always look out for yourself and expect danger even when your on top of your game because you never know who wants to take you down. Ty goes through a lot of scary situations throughout this novel. He learns that he needs to watch his back on the streets.

Why does watching your back relate to Ty? Being a drug dealer means that your working with real hustlers. They can turn your back on you if it means saving themselves from being locked up.

Where I’m From


I am from laptop, from Converse and Kraft Dinner.

I am from the black, medium, colourful.

I am from the rose, the tulips.

I am from family dinners and happy from Rey and Janet and Jada.

I am from the eating and fighting.

From Santa is real and the tooth fairy.

I am from the bible. Cross

I’m from Chinese, sushi, turkey.

From the time when we went to the states and i got a fever, the thing was i was so sick i had to go home and the whole family trip ended early.

I am from a blue bin.

Poetry in Film








“Nature’s first green is gold
Her hardest hue to hold.

Her early leaf’s a flower;
But only so an hour

Then leaf subsides to leaf.
So Eden sank to grief

So dawn goes down to day.
Nothing gold can stay.”

Nothing Gold Can Stay

The poem Nothing Gold Can Stay is a well written poem. The screen writer of the film would want to use this poem because it really represents the message of the movie and the poem. The audiences reaction of the character reciting the poem in the film would be a bit upsetting because the poem is saying that nothing good can stay. During the movie the characters recite the poem at a rough time because they are in the barn that they have ran away too. The poem Nothing Good Can Stay could be used a funeral because its about something that was good and now it must go.