February Lab Reflection

I chose to relfect on the biscuits and gravy lab because it was my favourite lab. I did enjoy the la because it was one of the first labs with our new table groups so it was fun getting to know them. I thought that the product turned out really good, expecially the biscuits.  I also thought that the gravy was too thick but i this thats how it was suppose to be. I worked well with my group. If i were to do the lab again i think i would use the smaller chute so i could make more of the biscuits because my group only had 5.


( We didnt get a picture of our mine-en-place, but these are what the biscuits looked like)

One thought on “February Lab Reflection

  1. Good start, Jordan. Your thoughts here are great, but to improve for next time, you can find ways to expand on your points. Also, take care to edit a bit (there are some capitalization, spelling and punctuation errors throughout). Please make sure that you get original pictures, even if they are from a fellow classmate.

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