Safety Cheat Sheet


  • Curl your knuckles in when cutting.

If you use this technique when you are cutting it will help you prevent cutting your fingers.


Provent food poisoning:

  • make sure your food packages are not opened.

Everytime you open a new package of food make sure you check for any tears in the packaging.


Personal Higiene:

  • make sure your hands are washed before cooking.

By washing your hands before you cook you are being clean and keeping your self from being exposed to bacteria.


Slips/ Trips and Falls:

  • wear non-slip shoes

By wearing non-slip shoes it saves you from slipping on slips that might not be cleaned up yet.

One thought on “Safety Cheat Sheet

  1. Your points and explanations are great, Jordan, but you are missing 5 points. There should be one point for each of the bullet points on my edublog.

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