Core Competencies Self Assessment English 9

The artifact that I have chosen is the stop motion project.

This artifact shows creative thinking because I had to think about how to make the scenes and think about which scenes I was going to show in the project. It also shows creative thinking because I had to know what I was going to make for my background and props and I also had to know what materials to use and where to get them from. I also had to think about what lighting I was going to film in and how far to move my character for each shot and how fast i was going to make the video.

Digital Footprint

How might your digital footprint affect your career?

Your digital footprint can affect your career because if you post something bad on the internet it can always be recorded and it could stop you from getting into some jobs and you wont have a very good reputation either.

It could also help you in some ways like if you post something in high school and forget about it then anyone can find it somewhere on the internet and it could help you get a job or you could use that work again.

This is why I think it’s important to know what your posting before you post it.