Genetic Mutation Story


Part 1:

Hello! I am esophageal cancer and I first appear in the cells inside of my host’s esophagus. I have two closer relatives, Adenocarcinoma and Squamous cell carcinoma. The treatments currently available injures both me and my relative.

Humans cannot notice me until I manage to grow nice and big, blocking entrance to my host’s stomach. Sometimes my host can experience weight loss, painful swallowing, pain in the throat, heart burn / ingestion tiredness, loss of appetite and even nausea and vomiting.

Humans currently try to find me by using blood tests, examining the count of blood cells and seeing if anything is abnormal. They have also tried using imaging tests to see through my host’s esophagus, scanning for tumours.

If humans manage to find me, they try to kill me by surgery, but because I’ve already blocked off my host’s stomach, my host will need to have a feeding tube to stay healthy before the surgery, because it is very hard to recover form esophageal surgery.

Part 2:

I had to research the effects, treatment, cancer growth and the recovery process to create my story.

I used digital diagrams to learn about the effects of esophageal cancer through this project.

I first searched for the effects esophageal cancer, and then investigated the consequences and how it developed.

I used, hosted by the Canadian Cancer Society, on of the leaders in Cancer research across the world, and used to cite my source.

I learned about the development and different treatments of a cancer I had not known before, and thought that the story went pretty good overall.



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