Observing Cells Lab

Animal Cell:

The animal cells look like small popcorn kernels with a dot in the middle.

The cytoplasm and the nucleus is visible.


Plant Cell:

The plant cells look like the scales on a fish.

The cytoplasm and membrane are visible.


General Questions:


Finding the differences in animal and plant cells

  • Plant cells have much more visible membranes.
  • Plant cells have more of an oval shape.
  • Plant cells are larger.
  • Animal cells have a visible nucleus.
  • Animal cells have a more round shape.
  • Animal cells are smaller in size.
  • Animal cells move easier.

Why methylene was important in the animal cells

The methylene was used to highlight bacteria and DNA in the animal cells.


I’ve learned how to properly use a microscope, when to use methylene and how to extract animal cells from ourselves and viewed the different visible parts of the animal and plant cell.


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