Solution Fluency Electricity Project


Communication is essential to lives no matter religion, ethnicity or culture. We all communicate in different forms and ways and communication is home to one of the fastest growing industries. We’re finding ways to connect to one another in so many different ways, and it only keeps growing.

Our innovation proposal is to aid rural communities across the world with affordable, environmental-friendly devices used solely for communication purposes to help in emergency situations.


We have been looking into the materials that produce our current cellular devices, and also seeing how we can make a past cellphone even better than what we see now.

We have also been looking into easily-accessible and sustainable energy sources such as solar power to keep the overall cost low and to ensure our device is accessible.


Make a device that is accessible to rural communities.

Keep the cost of the device low.

Sustainable / Accessible power source.

Basic communication specs.

Use recycled parts. (calculator solar panel, phone body)

Help small, rural communities contact each other in emergency situations.


In-class presentation.

One thought on “Solution Fluency Electricity Project”

  1. Thanks for explaining your innovation idea. It would be great to see you solve the problem of cell phone access with your device. I would have liked to see an idea of your design for this invention. I am excited to see how far you get with your innovation.

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