Sonnet Writing

Photography at it’s best.


Buildings and selfies, roses and carnage.

We praise the mundane content we dislike,

And create exactly the same garbage.

We think we’re creative, yet we’re all alike.


A thousand words fit great in an image,

Yet we cannot fit anymore than two.

We lift ourselves waiting for praise and rage,

Spending too much time thinking what to do.


Simplicity is the best personality,

What others dislike, is your key to create.

An image telling your story is specialty,

Create and enjoy, look back and relate.


Having an image that tells us your story,

Is the first step, seeking ultimate glory.

4 thoughts on “Sonnet Writing”

  1. You’re poem is very meaningful and you definitely have a great perspective of how you see photography. This sonnet is super creative and unique and I enjoyed it very much. My favourite line was simplicity is the best personality. It was really good!! 🙂

  2. I really enjoyed your poem and I feel that it shone a light on what photography really is. It showed very well how most photography is the same or similar and how we should all be unique and try to make it different and special to us and not like the others. I felt inspired by your sonnet because I think you truly proved your point on how most people are similar and you have pushed me to aspire to be even more unique than others! When reading/listening to this sonnet I can just visual pictures after pictures being compared and after a while the point would be shown that most pictures taken are very similar. My favourite line in your whole sonnet would have to be ” Having an image, that tells us your story”. I really like this line because it is basically saying to be unique but not directly in those certain words which I liked a lot. Great job on your sonnet!! I really enjoyed it!

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