Ethic of Care and Environmental Ethic

  1. How do you personally define an ethic of care?

Care somethings that are not fair and it’s giving an emotional feeling and giving their attention to someone.

  1. What would be needed to create an ethic of care?

You need to know what kind of people you are helping, to able to understand their situation.

  1. What would we have to believe about the environment to care for it? How should we see it?

We would believe the earth is going downhill, because of human’s interaction to the environment. By using less electricity, reduce oil consumption, those little things can our earth become a better place to live

  1. How would we act if we cared about the environment? – give scenarios

People should do something such as, use public transportation, recycling, try to not use a plastic bag.

  1. What would be different about the world if everyone adopted this ethic of care towards the environment? Benefits and drawbacks?

Benefits will be the temperature wouldn’t go up super-fast, but drawbacks would be our life wouldn’t be that convenience.

  1. Should we adopt an ethic of care towards the environment?

We should adopt an ethic of care toward the environment, because everything we did it will affect our future.

One thought on “Ethic of Care and Environmental Ethic”

  1. I think you mean empathy is needed for care? Can we empathize with things though?

    Explain things a bit more. How would our lives be less convenient? If you think we should have an ethic of care for the environment, does that mean our lives need to be less convenient?

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